Coaches’ Corner

This page is a resource page for Monte Vista Coaches.

CLICK HERE for Conference Yellow Book (District By-Laws)
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New Coaches must complete the following (Please see Ath. Secretary):

  1. Fingerprinting
  2. TB Test
  3. Making Right Choices

District Courses:

  1. Mandated Reporting – Renewed Every Year
  2. Suicide Prevention – Renewed Every Year

NFHS Courses:

Fundamentals of Coaching – Lifetime Certificate
Concussion Course – Renewed Every Two Years
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course – Renewed Every Two Years

All coaches and volunteers should complete the following forms:

  1. CIF Code of Conduct

Paid Coaches should complete the following:

  1. First Aid and CPR Class – Renewed Every Two Years
  2. Conflict of Interest – Teacher   OR
  3. Conflict of Interest – Walk-On

Volunteers should complete the following:

  1. Volunteer Form

Other Resources:
ASB Works
Club Charter Form
Contest Change Form
Contest Opt Out Form
School Driver Registration Form
Transportation Request Form